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September 15, 2021
Latest company news about Best Choice for Startups & Intelligent Choice for Brands

Unlike most of the manufacturing firms in the industry, our company doesn’t have any order limit or quantity restrictions. We start from one piece to as much as you want. A small quantity is sufficient to fill the desire to be unique because nobody would like to wear an outfit that is hugely available in the market.

Apart from small orders, you are also experienced in delivering bulk production. We take special care of quality and timeline of the production process. Our team is experienced and provides end to end “inception to closure” kind of project management for our client’s satisfaction. We take care of even small details and make sure that your demands are met strictly. Our designers work with our team in the garment factory for checking every step in detail. We can work in your desired material and make a recommendation when required.

Beianji believes in the saying that “From small beginning come great things”. After analyzing the market trend, maximum fashion brands face the challenge factory small quantity jeans manufacturer & Small Quantity Clothing Manufacturers, and small quantity T-shirt manufacturer in the initial stage. The policy at Beianji makes this possible.