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Best Clothing Manufacturers in China

ODM and OEM Clothing Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for small quantity garment manufacturer then we are your guaranteed solution. We are a custom clothing factory China where you can order for various type of clothing needs for your business.

We are a Original Design Manufacturer,we can base your idea to produce your clothing,including your logo and hand tag etc.Our service including customized accessories for garment.Give more convenience to customer.If you not have idea for your style,We also can works for OEM ,and you can choose our production. All accessories use your brand.

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Beianji Collection

Low quantity clothing manufacturer Custom T-shirt,Street Wear,Sweater Fashion Style.

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One To One Service

One person,one version,custom your brand

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Sourcing Fabric

Only Souring hight quality fabric

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Making Your Sample

We can control cost and manage risk of every process from production to you order

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Starting Your Business

Your best clothing manufacturer ,Starting your business from here.

Just a Few More Reasons To Love Us

To make your journey with us even more enjoyable.

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Quality Guarantee

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Best Prices

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Fast Delivery

3-5days delivery by DHL. Good price for shipping fee.

Developing New Possibilities of Fashion for the Brands – Low Quantity Clothing Manufacturers

Beianji is a garment manufacturing factory that has been working from small to large scale fashion companies all around the world. It is a dedicated Clothing Manufacturers for Small Orders that mainly targets startups. Our factory deals with a variety of clothings like women’s blouses, shirts for men/women, jeans, jackets, uppers, etc. From plain to check, and from casual to formal, we manufacture a wide range of clothes for our clients. We have a passion for our work and live to develop new possibilities of fashion for the brands.

Our services include services like Fabric/Material Sourcing, Pattern Making, Sampling, Sizing, Grading, Marking and the manufacturing in bulk and small quantity along with shipping etc. We serve as a custom clothing manufacturer and can make the fabrication of new garment designs, patterns and materials as per your needs. You need to give us a design, and we’ll take care of other things.

So, if you want to attract customers with fascinating designs at your shop, then our custom clothing manufacturer can help you fulfill your requirements and meet your expectations.

No matter what type of fashionable clothing you need, you can order for it here! If you are thinking of ordering for a low quantity for customized clothing, then we are one of the best low moq clothing manufacturer.

For streetwear clothing manufacturers,contact Beianji. Streetwear, fashionable and customized and complete clothing providers, that is what we do for you.

Best Choice for Startups & Intelligent Choice for Brands

Unlike most of the manufacturing firms in the industry, our company doesn’t have any order limit or quantity restrictions. We start from one piece to as much as you want. A small quantity is sufficient to fill the desire to be unique because nobody would like to wear an outfit that is hugely available in the market.

Apart from small orders, you are also experienced in delivering bulk production. We take special care of quality and timeline of the production process. Our team is experienced and provides end to end “inception to closure” kind of project management for our client’s satisfaction. We take care of even small details and make sure that your demands are met strictly. Our designers work with our team in the garment factory for checking every step in detail. We can work in your desired material and make a recommendation when required.

Beianji believes in the saying that “From small beginning come great things”. After analyzing the market trend, maximum fashion brands face the challenge factory small quantity jeans manufacturer & Small Quantity Clothing Manufacturers, and small quantity T-shirt manufacturer in the initial stage. The policy at Beianji makes this possible.

Small batch Wear clothing Manufacturer

If you want to start a new fashion brand, and are looking for a small order clothing manufacturer for men’s and women’s apparel, and Low Quantity Clothing Manufacturers, then you can mail us or visit our company in India.

We will help you to develop your work on fashion for a small batch clothing manufacturer. You can choose your required design, style and fabric and then provide us with the details and sketches so that we can make samples for production. If you want low quantity of high-quality garments manufacturer and exporter for your company, then we are the best choice for you.

Why Choose Beianji Custom T-Shirt & Women Western Wear Manufacturer?

  1. We maintain standard quality fabric and export the garments.
  2. We ensure technical expertise.
  3. Our price is affordable.
  4. We offer a customizable facility to meet the requirements of our customers.
  5. No minimum order.
  6. Our production is according to sketch and samples.
  7. We produce for men’s, women, and kids.

Most of the startup brands usually look for low quantity clothing manufacturer who starts manufacturing soon. Our company also works on small order cloth manufacturing and private label clothing manufacturers.

Low Quantity Clothing Manufacturer – Small Order Clothing Manufacturers China, Why?

Why is choice Beianji your manufacturer for low quantity orders? We are the original manufacturer; we make as per your requested quality at a reasonable price.

We are experienced in this field and can suggest you on the best material and style.

You should not spend much time and money on partner companies who do not directly produce products.

What is Low Quantity Clothing Manufacturer – Clothing Manufacturers for Startups?

The factory makes clothes design, cutting, and sewing, pattern, packing, and shipping at your place.

Steps to co-operate with us:

Step 1: Choice material, style, design, size and color and also the price.

Step 2: Gold Garment will make sample at first, and after your confirmation, we will start production.

Beianji will take care of everything, and after completing the production, it will be shipped to your country.

Customer Satisfaction, Our Primary Objective

We provide samples for our customers before making bulk production. Some of the clients are satisfied in the first round; however, some ask for samples to check by themselves. We know that fashion item is essential products. We can also make some change in the sample if you want.

As a brand, you’ll need different sizes of the same products. We can provide you with all your desired sizes. You just needed to inform us of the estimates and the measurements, and we will take care of the rest. We will make sure that the products are delivered to you within your budget and time range.

Beianji is one of the most-trusted custom clothing manufacturers in China that provides high-quality garments for both small and large businesses. We provide all types of woven and knitted garments for men, women and kids with 100% quality guarantee.

As the leading OEM apparel manufacturers in China, we have been offering our services to several small businesses and fashion designers. We carry a rich account as the custom clothing manufacturer for several startups and new cloth labels helping them to turn into multinational fashion brands.