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In clothing manufacturing what are the different options do you have?

In  OEM clothing manufacturers just discover the different options about the manufacturer clothing that is or we can say the private label, white-label, OEM & ODM. After you have to decide or whether and the sourcing clothing of the business which is specially designed for on-share or off-share production. Now I am going to tell […]

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Clothing manufacturers: How we can find the Right Factory

Firstly planning to import clothing or textile from china. Now I will guide you, and that you will learn what things are necessary to select the right clothing manufacturer also about to select the material also the sample and much more. Product: How we can find a good product That all is product scope Also, […]

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How to find the best clothing manufacturers china?

Here I am going to tell you about how we can find the best clothing manufacturers in China.  At first, I tell you about the best marketplace or the clothing manufacturers in China and also the best thing or the important that you should have known that is the clothing manufacturing that is chains wholesaler. […]

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer for Your Product Idea

For the purpose of this post, when we refer to suppliers, we’re referring to anyone who has the capability to provide you with products and inventory. This encompasses manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. There are a ton of helpful resources online which you can find on Google. But before you begin, there are a few things […]

How can I create a fashion brand line?

Here are the basic steps to creating your own fashion line pcs by pcs: Conceive of your designs. You can use drawings, photos of inspiration garments or existing garments you want to alter and reproduce. Have patterns made. Be prepared to pay $150 or more for each pattern. These can be made on paper or in […]

How to negotiate MOQ?

If you are ooking for a clothing manufacturer for the first time, you are going to quickly learn about minimum order quantities (MOQ). It’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to require a commitment to purchase hundreds or even thousands of units for your first order depending on the product and manufacturer. MOQmake it difficulty when you […]

How to start a clothing line

First: Create a solid and clear business plan Your business plan needs to lay out how you intend to manage your clothing line. Like tech pack, hand plot, production picture etc. Our team analyze your style and give you professional interpretation and their opinion about it including clothing market analysis, fashion information in the clothing […]

How to create your own clothing brand?

First of all, you need to decide what you want to create your own clothing brand positioning (men’s or women’s, suitable for age, suitable for people) ,because you can’t make clothes suitable for everyone , now clothing must be specific, if your positioning style is clear,will have a good brand appearance. Then, you register a […]

How to improve your sales?

First , you must make sure that the clothes you sell meet the tastes of most people,